White Tiger University

White Tiger University is our online training academy.  You will learn and earn rank through a system of recorded modules, and live one-on-one training and evaluations.  You will learn our WTMA Combatives program which is a mixture of striking, clinch, take downs and ground techniques.  

Each belt is broken down into modules.  You purchase a module to gain access to the material.  Each time you purchase a module, you will also receive a free one-on-one online live session, and also a free online evaluation.  Once you have received a passing evaluation on all modules in a belt, we will mail you your new belt, a certificate and you will then have access to the modules of the next belts material.

Like any sport you take up you will need equipment.  The equipment you will need is not expensive, and some can be purchased used.  You will need the following to be successful in our program:

  • A training partner - While some of the material can be learned by yourself, most will require a dedicated training partner.  Martial arts is more exciting with a training partner!

  • Mats - Part of your training will require ground and take down techniques, so having a nice matted area is a must.  It doesn't have to be huge, but we suggest at least a 6x6 area.

  • Pads - Pads to practice punches and kicks.  

  • Sparring gear - Protective gear when you begin sparring.  We will make suggestions when that time comes.  You will not need it right away.

The cost is a fraction of what it costs to attend a brick and mortar school.  The cost for each module is for two training partners, so the cost can be split.    

  • Each training module is $40.  Most belts have 4 to 5 modules.  

  • After a student feels they have practiced all the modules to where they know the material, they will have a live online evaluation to determine they do indeed know the material to a satisfactory level.  The evaluation cost is $30.