Personal Training

Let's put together a customized workout just for you, or choose from one of our programs!  Master Mason will sit down with you to find out exactly what your goals are.  We have several options for you to choose from.  

Brazilian Jiu-jitsu - Takedowns and ground techniques.  Learn dominate positions, and devastating submissions.

Taekwondo - Concentration on kicking and punching.  Learn sparring strategies and great defense.  This is only option for kids under 10.

Combatives - A combination of taekwondo and jiu-jitsu that concentrates on self defense.

Gladiator - Tabata style workouts to get you sweating!

Form Study - Think of tai-chi, but we use the Korean forms from taekwondo.  This is great for seniors, or people who have no interest in the contact of martial arts.  Works the body and the mind!


Master Mike Mason

Personal Training times are Monday - Friday from 9am - Noon.  Sessions are 30 minutes long, and the cost is $20/session.  See chart below for open times.  Call us, book online or email us to get started today!

January 19-22